10th Planet Jiu Jitsu FAQ

What Do I Wear to class?
You are required to wear a rash guard or compression shirt while rolling. If you do not have one we may be able to let you purchase one before class. IF you do not have a rash guard please wear the tightest shirt you own. If you show up with a baggy shirt you may not be allowed to roll or drill.

What is the requirements with Shoes?
Shoes arent necessary for Jiu Jitsu, just make sure your feet are clean when stepping onto the mats and at no time ever are shoes to be worn on the mats.

What about Bathrooms?
We require all students to wear shoes in the restrooms and remove the shoes before returning to the mats. This allows us to keep the mats cleaner and avoid contamination. 

Are fingernails ok?
Sadly no, as this is a contact sport that involves a lot of gripping, fingernails are a rather serious hazard. Please Clip your fingernails and toenails to keep them at minimal length in order to keep everyone safe.

Blood! I see Blood!
Don't freak out, its ok, and yes it is pretty rare to happen, occasionally scrapes and cuts happen. Please keep blood off the mats. IF you have a cut or any blood from rolling, please stop immediately and clean any blood you may have gotten on the mats and yourself with a disinfectant.

I am running late, what do i do?
TIMELINESS. We encourage a laid back atmosphere and students are free to come and go as they please. If you are late please acknowledge the coach before stepping on the mats. If you have to leave early please let the coach know before you leave so we know you are not injured or sick.

Lastly remember, cleanliness is a big deal in Jiu Jitsu. Please do not re-wear any clothes without washing them. Please keep your hygiene in check before and after coming to the gym as it can put you, and others at risk. Also, nobody wants to be known as the guy who smells at the gym, you'll find people are less willing to work with you.

HAVE FUN. Jiu Jitsu is tough. Take your time, stay humble, stay safe. IF you need a break at anytime during the class feel free to do so.

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